Montlake Elementary



Welcome to the Montlake Library

Mission and vision

Montlake Library’s mission is to provide a hub for the school community of students, staff, and families that will:

  • Encourage students to think, create, share and grow as learners
  • Enable students to gain the skills to be effective and thoughtful users of ideas and information
  • Foster an appreciation for literature, reading, and libraries and allow students to nurture a reading life.
  • Allow and encourage access to many forms of information
  • Support school staff in planning and teaching the curriculum

The library is here to serve the students, staff, and families of Montlake Elementary.

All are Welcome!

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To be PREPARED, we will:

  • Arrive ready to learn, knowing the routines.
  • Be calm.
  • Return books so others may use them.

To be ADVOCATES, we will:

  • Help others with books and work together.
  • Help the library be neat and organized.
  • Request good books.
  • Speak up for our ideas and work to correct wrongs.

To be WELCOMING, we will:

  • Listen to and help classmates.
  • Appreciate others and their ideas (say ‘hi,’ ‘thank you’).
  • Share.
  • Come in calmly and kindly, even when late.

To be SAFE, we will:

  • Listen to teachers.
  • Follow directions.
  • Be careful with space and books.
  • Sit appropriately and safely.

Volunteer Information

Volunteers keep our program going. In order to provide students with the highest quality of educational experiences it is necessary to rely on volunteers to support some of the ongoing non-student contact tasks like shelving of titles. If you are interested in attending and assisting in the library while your child is (or isn’t) present contact Vivian van Gelder, our Montlake Volunteer Coordinator,

Volunteer opportunities include shelving, check in/out, book repair, special projects! Thank you for your support.

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