Montlake Elementary


Emergency Procedures

Disaster Preparedness Policy

Montlake Elementary School will care for our students in the event of an earthquake or other major disaster during school. Classroom teachers stay with their students until another capable adult relieves them. No child is dismissed until picked up by a parent or an individual listed on the student’s emergency information form in our files. Please be sure to keep your child’s emergency information up­ to date. We have many people with first-aid training and we will be in communication with local emergency services. Staff members belong to at least one of the following teams: command control, communications, first aid, or search and rescue. In the case of a disaster, parent cooperation will be of utmost importance.

In case of a major school or community emergency, please keep the following in mind:

  • Parents need to go to a checkpoint when coming to get a child. We have formal release procedures to assure the safety of every student. Personal ID will be required to release a student in during community emergencies.
  • Do not go directly to get your child as this creates confusion.
  • Do not call the school to inquire about your child. Telephone lines need to be open so that school personnel can communicate with district and emergency services.

We have a Building Safety Committee who functions continuously throughout the school year to ensure that proper safety procedures are followed in the event of a crisis or natural disaster.

We have water and supplies for up to 48 hours. Staff members are trained for establishment of food, shelter, and first aid stations. We have monthly safety drills at school so that students are prepared to react calmly in case of a real emergency.

Montlake Student-Family Reunification Plans

Have your photo I.D., Stay calm, Be patient, Follow instructions

Outdoor Reunification Plan

The Parent Check-In Station will most likely be set up at the gate next to the basketball court on the north corner, behind the Marshall building.

Read the full plan:

Indoor Reunification Plan

The Parent Check-In Station will most likely be set up at the music hallway door behind the dumpsters on the northeast side of the building.

Read the full plan: