Global Reading Challenge

The Global Reading Challenge 2021-2022 (GRC)

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Global Reading Challenge is a collaborative effort of the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and Seattle Public Schools.   

Every year, 4th and 5th graders participate in this fun team reading challenge. In a typical year, students participate on mixed grade level teams, read GRC books, and then play a trivia-style competition against other teams. 

In March, there may be a competition against other school’s teams. Montlake will award a trophy to our winning team, based on in-school competitions in February.  This year’s program will look a bit different due to the coronavirus. It is being developed as we go, but should maintain the program aims:

  • Promote a love of reading
  • Introduce students to diverse viewpoints
  • Help students retain more of what they read
  • Foster group activities and teamwork

How will it work?

Students need to sign up to participate.

Every participating student will be given one book to read, keep, and become an expert on. Between November and January, students will work both independently and with teams to read 2 or more of the 7 books. 

Limited paper copies of the GRC books will be available through school holds and Curbside Checkout.  All GRC books will be also available digitally, and often as audiobooks, on SPL via Library Link

Teams should create team names together, and then collaborate to discuss books and reading. I plan on holding some open GRC sessions, and some team specific meetings, to talk with kids about the books and look at quiz materials. Parents may host non-official meetings.

At the end of January, SPL will help us host a virtual trivia-style competition.  As of now the plan is for in-school teams to compete virtually. Our winners may go on to compete against other schools, depending on the city’s health.

Want to participate?  Sign up here:  Permission slips are due November 13th!

Global Reading Challenge – Seattle Public Library