Montlake Elementary


Start of School Forms and Information

Welcome Montlake Families!  

Please take a moment to read this information and review the contents of our Welcome Packet! Please return the required/applicable forms to your student’s teacher or Montlake office as soon as possible. 

List of required forms to complete: 

  1. Emergency Information and Student Release Form 
  1. FERPA (this form needs to be printed out, signed & returned in person or by mail).  
  1. Device Agreement 
  1. Annual Student Health Information Update 

List of forms to return – if applicable

  1. McKinney Vento Program/Student Housing Questionnaire – return only if you do not rent or own your house/apartment. 
  1. Survey to Identify Disabled Students only if you think your child has a disability and is not currently eligible for Special Education services. 
  1. Household Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals 
  1. Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form 
  1. Community Support Form 

Items to review and keep at home for your information: 

  1. Calendar 
  1. The Source and Schoology Information 
  1. Discrimination Complaint Procedures 
  1. Attendance Policy 
  1. School Volunteers 
  1. Montlake Newsletter 
  1. PPRA Annual Notification of Rights 
  1. PTA Information 
  1. Student-Family Reunification Plan 
  1. Personal Safety for Children 
  1. School Streets 
  1. Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Complete forms electronically that apply to your student/s
Translated copies of many of the above documents are available.

The electronically completed forms can be emailed to:  

Family Resources: 

To see more on family resources, please visit and search for The Source. You will need to sign up/login to complete your student/s’ data verification. The Source is a great resource to view information about your student. Additional information is also available on the website for Schoology and SchoolPay.  


Montlake has ordered the students’ general supplies needed for school, parents are asked to make a donation via SchoolPay for $25, which is inclusive of all classroom and building-level supplies for the entire school year. 

Make a donation for school supplies.

We are grateful for any and all donations. This money is allocated to cover expenses for basic school supplies only. Should there be any surplus funds the money will roll forward into next year’s budget to be used for student supplies.  

Scholarships are available. If you would like more information, please contact the school counselor Ella Ares via email at or call the main office and ask to speak with Heidi Stangvik (Admin Secretary) 206-252-3304. 

SchoolPay is the online payment service that SPS schools use for parent payments. Find out more information on the SPS website.

Please note there is a new parent support help number for SchoolPay. School/Parent/Guardians can receive support by calling 1-833-731-2600. 

Digital classroom subscriptions:  

Each year, caregivers are asked to pay fees for each child that will help to pay for digital and paper subscriptions.  
The fee per student is $15.  If this fee is a hardship for your family, you have the option to pay what you are able.  All students will have access to subscriptions and supplies, regardless of what they pay.  Pay the fees online.


Access a handy “To Do” list

Once you’ve paid your fees, you will see a volunteer survey.  Please complete the survey to indicate if and how you are able to volunteer this year.   

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with you! 

Thank You!