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    January 2020 


     Exciting news in the world of literature! Jason Reynolds has been named National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature for 2020-21. We are big fans of Jason Reynolds - his track series is very popular with our 4th and 5th grade students - so we are really happy he is being recognized in this way. Read more about it on the School Library Journal page.

    In the library this month, we are looking at ways to make our reading diets more varied. Students in the 3rd through 5th grades are looking at their check out histories to see where there are places to spice up their reading. We can find some great book suggestions using the list compiled by Publishers Weekly. It's a round up of various Best Books of 2019. Visit this link to see if there are some titles that look good to you and your students!

    book cover

     We reading some informational texts nominated for the WCCPBA in January, so our focus is on finding non fiction books in the library. If you visit the public library, help your student locate the juvenile non fiction section and if you're not sure where that is, ask the Librarian - we love to help!  Watch this short youtube video that tells the story of the invention of the band aid - the book pictured was enjoyed by students in library class.


    book cover Here is another video to accompany the book Inky's Amazing Escape. It shows an octopus escaping from a boat - you will be amazed! When we share this book, we will be making notes about the facts we learned about octopuses and then we'll take a look at PebbleGo to see if we can check our information from another source and maybe find out some new information. You can access PebbleGo using the link to Online Student Resources on this page, or your student can use their SPS log in.

    For those students who haven't had a chance to see the video about Fiona, the baby hippo, ere is a link to The Fiona Show, now hosted on youtube.

    global reading challengeGlobal Reading Challenge is up and running! Students have been placed in teams and are eagerly reading their assigned books. If your student is participating, ask them to tell you about their assisgned books. Our in school challenge takes place on Wednesday, February 12th, which will be with us before we know it!  Thank you to the parents who volunteered to be team Mentors - your support and encouragement are vital to the success of this program!

    Ms. Binkow shared a great resource with me and it deserves a place on the library page! It's the website Story Time From Space where real astronauts read books aloud to be shared with children on earth! Visit the website to watch a story video and find out so much more about life on a space station. 

    An exciting adventure!  Exxpedition is the journey of a group of women scientists who will sail around the world to explore new solutions to the world's plastic crisis.  Here is the video I shared with students (scroll down the page for the video) and I intend to check in regularly to see where this inspirational group have traveled. You can follow them yourselves on Instagram if you'd like to keep up with them at home and while you're there, check out what's new in the Wolfpackbookbag!

    We'll be taking a break from Sasquatch now that Global Reading Challenge is starting, but will be back in action in the spring. Visit the ALA site to check out the nominees for this year.

    Our K-2 students will be enjoying the nominees for the Children's Choice picture book award in weekly read alouds. Take a look at this year's nominees at the WLA website.

    The Towner Award
    nominees for 2020 were chosen by WA State librarians and I'm excited to share the 10 books with our students. These informational texts are sure to offer something of interest to everyone.

    book cover

     A recent favorite is Avalanche Dog Heroes, by Elizabeth  Rusch. I have been sharing a short National Geographic video about avalanches for dramatic effect. We read about a dog's amazing sense of smell - watch this animated TED talk to learn more.  

    K-2 students are encouraged to read the 6 books nominated for the early reader Otter Award. Congratulations to Sayde and Clara from room 9, who are the first to see their names up on the Wall of Fame!  Visit the Otter Award page to find out which books have been nominated this year and ask your student to bring home the challenge sheet.  

       ​Here are some of my recent reads. Click on the book cover if you'd like to read a review and then maybe you could check it out from our library. Happy Reading!   

    book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover              book cover   book cover  book cover 

    You can see more book suggestions if you follow me on Instagram, where I post pictures of books @ Wolfpackbookbag. 

    book cover  Have you read the Rebel Girls books? Well there is now a podcast where you can listen to stories about amazing women. Follow this link and find out what else is on offer on the Rebel Girls Boundless website.


     digital citizen logoDigital Citizenship

    Montlake students are digital natives and our job is to help them navigate that world in a safe and responsible way. “Digital citizens recognize and value the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of living, learning and working in an interconnected digital world, and they engage in safe, legal and ethical behavior. The Washington State Technology Standards outline detailed ways to teach digital citizenship to our students. This year I'll be collaborating with classroom teachers to weave technology needs into library classes.

    Volunteer Information:

    Volunteers keep our program going. In order to provide students with the highest quality of educational experiences it is necessary to rely on volunteers to support some of the ongoing non-student contact tasks like shelving of titles. If you are interested in attending and assisting in the library while your child is (or isn't) present contact Vivian van Gelder, our Montlake Volunteer Coordinator, 

    Volunteer opportunities include shelving, check in/out, book repair, special projects! Thank you for your support.

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