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    Third Grade Remote Learning Supply List

    We would like to welcome you to 3rd Grade! Below is a list of supplies that you will need at home for remote learning. All of your “remote learning supplies” will remain home for your child to use on a daily basis.

    • 3 Plastic folders with prongs (NOT paper!)
    • Pencil case
    • 1 box of (Crayola Preferred) crayons or colored pencils
    • 1 box of markers (optional)
    • 1 red ball point pen
    • Minimum 2 glue sticks
    • Scissors
    • Set of skin toned crayons (optional)
    • 3 boxes of pencils (36 pencils total recommended)
    • 3 hard covered notebooks (9 ¾ in. x 7 ½ in)
    • 1 pack of white printing paper (if you plan to print work)
    • 1 set of headphones for your child to use
    • 1 double-sided ruler (centimeters AND inches) labeled with name
    • 1 pack of highlighters
    • 1 pack of Post-It brand post it notes