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    What is ALO?

    ALO ("Advanced Learning Opportunities") is one of three official ways that the Seattle Public School District designates certain students as advanced learners. Students receive this designation based upon their performance on a school district exam to be administered in the fall. Montlake became an ALO school in 2010.

    Will Montlake students be tracked?
    No. Unlike Spectrum and APP, ALO programs do not have separate classes for advanced students. All Montlake students will have access to a curriculum that challenges them, including ALO instruction if necessary, regardless of whether they are formally enrolled in ALO. Montlake strives to provide all students with schoolwork that is appropriate to their abilities.

    What are the benefits of ALO to my child?​
    Students officially enrolled in the ALO program will get a different report card addressing their enriched curricular goals. Also, under current district rules, students who take the district exam and qualify for Spectrum (with scores of 87% or above) or APP (with scores above 95%) will retain that designation as long as they remain in an ALO program, and can enter Spectrum or APP in middle school without further testing.

    How do students get into ALO?
    Students apply for ALO (and Spectrum and APP) by taking a District-wide entrance examination in the fall each year. The application to take the test includes a parent nomination form and a teacher evaluation form (see link below). Fill out the parent nomination form, and then submit the teacher evaluation form to your child’s teacher in time for the deadline. Montlake will send all of its ALO applications in together in a timely manner.

    Your child’s performance on the advanced learning examination, as well as teacher recommendations, will determine your child’s eligibility. Results of ALO applications are typically sent to families in late January. If your child does not get accepted into ALO on the basis of the test, the District provides an appeals process.

    Are all children eligible for advanced testing?
    No. The District requires students to qualify for eligibility for the advanced learning entrance examination. Eligibility is based upon your child’s fall MAP scores. To qualify for testing, students must score above 85% on both the math and the reading MAP tests administered in September.

    Applications for ALO are due before parents will learn how their children performed on the fall MAP. For this reason, parents who think their children may qualify for ALO should submit application forms by the deadline in October. The school district will only offer testing for applicants whose fall MAP scores are at or above the 85th percentile in reading and math.

    Students who score below the 85th percentile may be found not eligible to take the district exam, but the district provides an appeals process. For example, if a student scores below the threshold in the fall, but had strong scores in the spring, those earlier scores could be used in the appeals process. If a student does not qualify and is unsuccessful on appeal, parents should consider re-applying next year, while spending time this year establishing a record of high achievement.

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