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    1st Grade List (see PRINT icon in upper right corner)

    Classroom Items:

    1 cigar sized plastic supply box. Please mark your student’s name on the box. Ms. Adams only
    1 backpack, large enough to hold supplies, lunchbox/bag and coat
    1 non-spilling valve-type water bottle. Please mark your student’s name on it.
    1 box of gallon size re-sealable bags
    1 $10.00 check made payable to “Montlake PTA” for Weekly Reader subscription and Raz
    kids computer program subscription (give to your student’s teacher)
    1 $20 check made payable to “Montlake Elementary” for community classroom supplies
    *please do NOT combine checks*

    School Community Items:

    These items can be dropped off on the tables outside the Office on the first day of school. Thank you!

    2 packages of gallon sized Ziploc bags
    3 reams 8 ½ x11 white copier paper
    2 packages of fragrance free baby wipes OR 7th Generation Table Wipes