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    Building Leadership Team Montlake Elementary School Bylaws

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The roles and responsibilities of the Building Leadership Team are to bring together representatives of the Montlake staff and PTA to consider issues, proposals, and recommend decisions consistent with the C-SIP of Montlake School and the school’s academic achievement plan. Responsibilities of the BLT include:

    • Act as a conduit for information to be passed between staff and the PTA
    • Review, refine, promote and respond to initiatives from the staff and the PTA
    • Review staff meeting schedules
    • Advise on the development of and changes to the C-SIP
    • Prioritize issues for decision making by staff
    • Develop alternative staffing plans, when necessitated by new initiatives or budget constraints, for the staff to review and act upon
    • Develop alternative budget proposals for the staff to review and act upon
    • Develop professional development plans for the staff to review and act upon
    • Develop alternative PCP scheduling options as needed
    • Oversee Safety and Security Plan, its policy and practice
    • Each representative on the BLT has the responsibility to gather input from constituents and to represent the interests of her/his group as well as her/his own views


    In order for our meetings to be productive and effective, allow everyone to be represented and heard, and have adequate time to research, process, discuss, and communicate information, the BLT will follow these norms of collaboration:

    1. We will show respect for others by assuming best intent, active listening, and allowing all views to be heard
    2. We will use time efficiently, respecting time limits and adhering to the agreed upon meeting structure
    3. We will follow the posted agenda that has been created prior to the meeting
    4. We will maintain confidentiality when appropriate.


    The Building Leadership Team shall consist of the following members:

    • One-two parent representatives PTA
    • One Team 1 Classroom Teacher (grades K-2)
    • One Team 2 Classroom Teacher (grades 3-5)
    • One Team 3 Staff Member (special education)
    • One Certificated Specialist (PE, Library, Technology, etc.)
    • One Classified Member
    • Building Principal (also represents classified and hourly staff)


    Tenure on the BLT shall be for a minimum of two years. Tenure could be longer as agreed upon by your Team.

    • Staff representation will rotate among the staff in each Team
    • PTA representatives will be chosen by the PTA
    • Teams shall stagger terms so that membership will benefit from experienced members


    Members of the BLT will elect from their membership the following roles:

    1. Facilitator (principal or another BLT member as determined each year)
      • Starts and ends the meeting
      • Calls on team members or starts round robin process
      • Keeps discussion on target without dominating the conversation
      • Helps search for and suggest compromise solutions
      • Helps resolve conflict between team members

    2. Recorder
      • Supports facilitator
      • Records basic ideas; checks accuracy or perceptions
      • Helps give a sense of direction and completion
      • Distributes written record of meeting to principal and forwards copy to staff and places copy in BLT Notebook in office

    3. Time Keeper
      • Periodically reminds the team of time constraints
      • Keeps team focused on the tasks at hand
      • Asks whether people are ready to move to decision

    Meeting Schedule

    The Building Leadership Team will meet once a month during the school year and additionally as needed during the budget cycle, from 2:30-3:30. Emergency meetings may be called if necessary. Decision-making process, including having a quorum present, must be followed at all BLT meetings. Two members will represent the PTA.

    Staff members of the BLT have a responsibility to represent the interest of others on the staff as well as their own views. It is strongly recommended that BLT members attend PTA Board meetings and General meetings on a rotating basis.

    The BLT schedule for the school year will be set by October 1. A schedule of meetings will be printed in the school calendar.


    BLT meetings will have an open agenda set in advance collaboratively by the BLT chair/co-chairs, PTA representatives, and the principal. The facilitator, prior to the BLT meeting, will distribute the agenda to all staff. Staff, parents, and administration may all contribute items to the BLT agenda. Items considered for the agenda are due to BLT in writing by 1:00 on the Thursday prior to the scheduled BLT meeting.

    Member Responsibilities

    Representation: BLT members have a responsibility to represent the interest of others in their constituency as well as their own views. BLT members should communicate with others they represent about issues addressed by the BLT. In addition, it is highly recommended that all members attend PTA Board meetings and general meetings on a rotating basis.

    Meeting attendance
    BLT members will attend all meetings or arrange for an alternate to attend. If a member misses two meetings without arranging for an alternate to attend, the team will be contacted to determine whether a new member should be selected.

    Non-Member Meeting Attendance

    All meetings are open. Non-members may have up to a total of 10 minutes to explain and respond to questions regarding agenda items. Additional participation in discussion is at the discretion of BLT members.

    Decision Making and Voting

    The responsibilities of the BLT in the decision making process is based on the following agreements:

    • Each member of the BLT has one vote. PTA chair and co-chair share one vote.
    • The BLT recognizes that the principal must make some decisions related to scheduling, budget accountability, personnel (workloads, work locations, income), assignment of students, professional performance, discipline, student retention, and curriculum based upon Seattle School District directives, state or federal laws, or timeline.
    • Whenever possible, the BLT members shall strive for consensus.
    • If even one member cannot agree, an advisory thumbs vote will be taken; those who do not agree or abstain from voting will be given the opportunity to explain their position. Another vote will then be taken to see if concerns have been addressed and consensus can be reached. If we cannot reach consensus, then we will agree to abide by an approval vote of at least five members, or an approval vote of at least 71% of total BLT membership


    In order for an item, issue, or action to be voted upon, a quorum must be present at the BLT meeting. A quorum is represented as five out of seven total members, or 71%. In order for an item to be voted upon by the BLT, it must be presented in writing to every staff member at least 24 hours prior to the vote in order for members to speak with their Team.

    Record Keeping

    It shall be the responsibility of the BLT to retain, within the school building, records of its meetings and actions for a period of six (6) years, after which these records will be forwarded to Seattle School District Archives. These records will include agendas, minutes, and any other pertinent business of the BLT.


    Proposed changes to the BLT bylaws must be presented to the BLT in writing for discussion. The proposed change(s) would then be taken to the staff meeting for presentation, discussion, etc. Voting will be by consensus.