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    Montlake Elementary Homework Policy

    What does homework look like at Montlake Elementary?

    We believe that all children K-5 benefit from a rich reading life at home. We encourage at least 20 minutes of daily reading. That can be a combination of looking at picture books, reading with an adult, reading independently, and other reading activities.

    Brain research also shows that repeated exposure to math concepts is beneficial. As a result, we want students to do some math work at home as well. That can be something the teacher sends home that matches the day's lesson, or it can be something that a family chooses--playing go fish, counting coins, working on math facts, playing chess, talking about time, etc.

    Special Projects--Sometimes a teacher will assign special projects at school that require a little prep work at home. Examples include interviewing a family member, thinking of ideas for a science project, practicing lines for a play, etc.

    How long should homework take?

    Homework will only be given for Monday through Thursday, but it can be done anytime. We know children today have many activities, and some nights are busier than others.

    Here are rough time guidelines:

    20 minutes of reading plus 10 minutes of math for K-1
    20 minutes of reading plus 15 minutes of math for 2-3
    20 minutes of reading plus 20 minutes or math for 4-5

    What is the process if I have questions about my child's homework?

    Homework is encouraged at Montlake but not required. Students will not lose recess or class points or have other consequences for incomplete homework. However, it is a missed learning opportunity. For example, students will certainly read and do math at school, but the extra time reading at home, either alone or with a family member, is lost time if it isn't done. Homework can also be informative and can help families understand how their child is doing at school.

    Teachers at Montlake want to work with families so that children and parents are enjoying learning at home. We are open to alternate assignments. Please talk to your child's teacher if you have questions.