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    Kinder News

    School Supply List Here! (See upper right corner for PRINT icon)

    Classroom Items:
    1 Backpack, large enough to hold supplies, lunchbox/bag and coat.
    1 Valve-type water bottle. Please mark your student’s name on it.
    1 Large Ziplock bag with change of clothes: including underwear, socks, pants & shirt in a separate bag with your child’s name written on the bag. This bag will remain in your child’s backpack the entire year.
    1 $7.00 check made payable to “Montlake PTA” for Weekly Reader (give to your student’s teacher)
    1 $30.00 check made payable to “Montlake Elementary” for Classroom Supplies (give to your student’s teacher)
    ** Please do NOT combine checks**

    School Community Items:
    These items can be dropped off on the tables outside the Office on the first day of school. Thank you!
    2 packages of gallon sized Ziploc bags
    3 reams 8 ½ x11 white copier paper
    2 packages of fragrance free baby wipes OR 7th Generation table wipes

    If your child is not planning to attend Montlake in the fall and you live in Montlake's boundaries, please contact the office at 252-3300. 

    Jumpstart THIS WEEK: Aug 20-24

    Everything you need to know about Jumpstart can be found at the District Jumpstart program webpage. Registration required. 

    Jump Start is a FREE week-long experience for Kindergartners to learn about school. 
    Other key aspects to know:

    • Jump Start runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. each morning for one week

    • A parent/guardian meeting with the school principal is scheduled during the week

    • Bilingual staff will assist children who are English-language learners

    • Extra support is offered for children with special needs 

    • No transportation provided, so families need to drop off and pick up children each day. See LAUNCH childcare program in Resources section for help with drop off/pickup.


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