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    Volunteers are the reason Montlake has many vibrant programs, activities and strong classroom support! Volunteering helps create a wonderful and warm community for our kids and is a great way to get to know the families, teachers and staff at Montlake. 

    Montlake School and its PTA offer opportunities to accommodate every interested volunteer from one time volunteering such as field trips or help with a PTA event to year-round engagement (e.g. room parent, lunchroom volunteer, reading coach, or a PTA officer role). Montlake teachers and students appreciate your involvement. 

    Volunteer Information

    The Seattle Public Schools (SPS) requires interested volunteers to complete the following action items before volunteering in the school or going on a field trip.

    1. Complete annually the Volunteer Application Form 
    2. Take the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention (ASMP) course and submit the completion certificate.
      This course only needs to be completed once during your tenure at Montlake; contact the office if you have questions.
    3. Provide a photocopy of your drivers license to the school front office.
    4. Complete the Field Trip Chaperone Guideline Form for Elementary trips.

    Additional resources include the Volunteer Handbook and Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering in Seattle Public Schools.