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    Welcome to the Boren Sisters
    Posted on 08/25/2018
    Puppets"Students returning to Montlake Elementary School will have a pair of very tall, very colorful sisters joining their ranks this fall.

    Mary Ann and Louisa Boren — two 14-foot cardboard puppets created by the artist Wayne White for the Seattle Art Fair — have been donated to the school, where one sister will be placed in each of the school’s two stairwells, a whimsical lesson in local history, writ large."

    "White’s silly-yet-substantive creation seems the perfect fit at Montlake, where Lundgren leads the Montlake Experimental Secret Art Society (MESAS, for short), a “guerrilla art group” of fourth- and fifth-graders. They have done things like stuff parking-ticket envelopes with handmade tickets for offenses like “awesomeness” and left them under the windshield wipers of their parents’ cars, and in the neighborhood around the school. They also put on a fashion show in the school cafeteria using clothing out of the school’s Lost & Found."

    “We are going to send Wayne an honorary membership that includes a code of conduct and a T-shirt,” Lundgren told me. “I think we are going to have to study him this year.”

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