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    Laptop Pickup Info and Log In Support
    Posted on 09/11/2020
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    Student devices: Every student at Montlake is eligible for either a laptop (3rd through 5th grades) or an iPad (Kindergarten through 2nd grades) this year. Please complete this survey to let us know whether your family will be picking up a device during Strong Start week.





    Pickup times by last name are as follows:

    • 4th and 5th grades = Tuesday, September 8th (4-5 pm; A-L 4-4:30 and M-Z 4:30-5)
    • 3rd grades = Wednesday, September 9th (4-5 pm; A-L 4-4:30 and M-Z 4:30-5)
    • 2nd grades = Thursday, September 10th (A-L 4-4:30 and M-Z 4:30-5)
    • Kindergarten and 1st grades = Friday, September 11th (A-L 4-4:40 and M-Z 4:30-5)

    Please wear a mask and follow all social distancing protocols while you are on campus. Families will be asked to enter the playground on McGraw Street and exit on Calhoun. If your scheduled day or time doesn’t work for you, or if you would prefer to pick up multiple devices on one day, please send an email to Jodie Purcell at or Julie Pearson at

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